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Ultra X (wireless ultrasonic device for endodontics)

Ultra X (wireless ultrasonic device for endodontics)

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Ultra X – Cordless endodontic ultrasonic activator

This is the ultimate ergonomic tool for tool for irrigant activation, Gp removal & Instrument retrieval.

This model is super light and very easy to use.

It comes with 6 autoclavable ultrasonic tips

 Blue: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

 Silver: Length: 21mm, Size: 20/2% (2 of)

 Gold: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

Please note the tips have different functions:

Gold: Non flexible tips primarily for file/ post removal

Blue: The most flexible for curved canals

Silver: Longer than other varieties for standard use. These are flexible tips but less flexible than blue.

This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty**

**Please note at Incidental Ltd we take seriously your rights for repair and we have built a repair centre to support our products. While all manufacturers will offer a guarantee this can be time consuming to claim and the cost and customs implications of shipping to and from overseas manufacturers can be difficult. Where possible we will offer to repair our products locally to save time and reduce the environmental impact. Please note this repair service is available exclusively for products purchased through Incidental Ltd**


The ultimate tool for Activation, Gp removal & Instrument retrieval

Uses 45kHz ultrasonic frequencies which utilise the principle of acoustic microstreaming, agitation, and cavitation to reach difficult to instrument areas of the root canal system.


• 45kHz ultrasonic frequency

• Variable Frequency Control

• Self-adjusting frequency during treatment

• Powerful battery 1500 mAh

• Lightweight (95g)

• The wrench and tips are autoclavable

• 3 packs of 2 activator tips included:

• Blue: Bendable tip for activation of irritants in curved root canals & removal of GP during re-treatment.

• Silver: soft & flexible tip for activation of irritants in challenging curved canals.

• Gold: super-powerful titanium tip for retrieval of instruments separated in the canal.

Tips sizes:

• Blue: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

• Silver: Length: 21mm, Size: 20/2% (2 of)

• Gold: Length: 18mm, Size: 20/2% and 25/2% (1 each)

Complete Kit contains one of each sets of tips as above (Six tips total).

Replacement tips are sold per set of each colour (Two tips total).

Tips are re usable and autoclavable.

Tips are to be replaced when fatigued as a consumable item.

Irrigation Protocol Using Ultra X

1. Prepare the root canal to the desired taper

2. Use a side-vented needle to inject the final rinse solution into the canal

3. Cover the device with the protective sleeve to avoid surface damages

4. Select an activator tip that fits passively when placed 2-3 mm short of working length

5. Agitate the solution using short vertical strokes for around 30 seconds. Be careful to not breach the apical 2 mm

6. Replenish the irrigant and use suction to remove loose debris

7. Repeat the agitation and replenishment cycle for 4-5 times

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