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Handpiece Club

1:5 Handpieces

1:5 Handpieces

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These are very good quality speed increasing hand-pieces that we tested for over a year and we absolutely love.

We really believe that all dentists should have access to a speed increasing handpiece. The handpieces basically gear the speed from your air motor or micromotor by a factor of 5 allowing you enough speed to modify preparations or section crowns. Unlike a traditional air motor you can modulate the sped with a 1:5 handpieces and this allows much more control.

Of course to get the maximum benefits from a speed increasing handpiece you would want access to a micromotor so that you can enjoy the improved torque and performance.

However even connected to an air motor with an internal water spray the hand-pieces can offer much more speed control (with FG burs) than a traditional air rotor.

Handpiece club

When you buy one of our handpiece club products you are not just buying the handpiece but also our service guarantee.

As you all know handpieces require maintenance and no matter the brand (or oiling regimen) they will often seize after 6-9 months. Sometimes they last longer, sometimes shorter but it will always occur.

This is because the bearings inside the handpieces are classed as a consumable item. They are actually rarely covered under manufacturers warranties. Also when you send your hand-piece for repair they are often repaired with a generic low quality bearing that is not designed for your hand-piece.

We think it’s time to stop cursing the repair of handpieces and instead prepare for it. We can change a bearing quickly (with a high quality compatible bearing) and get it straight back to you or we will simply replace the handpiece if the repair is more involved.

We know that chair time is so expensive in dentistry and we are fully committed to keeping your equipment working!


When you buy a handpiece from us we will automatically enrol you into our handpiece maintenance club for 1 year. This means there will be no charges for repairs or replacements throughout the first year. You only pay for postage to us.

At the end of the first year you can choose to sign up for our continued maintenance plan which is priced starting at £8 per hand-piece per month (depending on model and number of handpieces) and, again, includes all repairs or replacements.

Please note our maintenance plans are only available for hand-pieces purchased from Hand-piece Club.

** Finally please note that handpiece club is a club. We expect customers to look after their hand-pieces and oil them regularly as part of the agreement. If we feel that there has not been a fair usage of the service we provide we reserve the right to increase the cost of maintenance club after the initial year subscription or even refuse future subscription in extreme cases.


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