Last tooth in arch Rubber Dam Clamps, with demo video. - Incidental

Last tooth in arch Rubber Dam Clamps, with demo video.

We have worked with Tor VM to develop a selection of last tooth in arch rubber dam clamps.  These are specialised clamps that don't get used particularly often, however when they do, you are very grateful for them!

In this demo video, Chris demonstrates a technique for isolating cavities on the last tooth in the arch with the 2AD rubber dam clamp.  Isolating this way allows space to place your matrix band assembly, this technique is particularly helpful for lower molars.


Also available are the 8AD clamp, often used for mandibular molars.  The SG clamp is similar to the 2AD demonstrated, but extends distally from a molar tooth.

Please note that the techniques for last tooth in the arch are difficult and may require further training. If attempting these techniques please exercise extreme caution to protect the airway at all times from foreign body inhalation.

All our last tooth in arch clamps are available here.

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