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The One

The One - Composite Instruments (Individual)

The One - Composite Instruments (Individual)

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New hand picked 24 instrument collection (including brand new patterns) arriving in August 2022.

Our much loved composite instrument collection is back and better than ever.

Made of stainless steel with a non stick coating and newly designed silicone handle.

Probably the best value hand instruments on the market!

Take your pick between The One that:

INC-10 - The one that packs and shapes

One end compacts and the other is pointed for shaping posterior composites. A very efficient instrument

INC 11 - The one that Smooths

Brand new instrument design excellent for placing anterior composites

INC 12 - The one that controls

The instrument controls the thickness of your dentine layer on anterior composites so you have enough space to place your more translucent enamel layers.

INC 13 - The one that Twists

Twisted very fine flat plastic which offers an excellent alternative angle for shaping both anterior and posterior composites

INC-14 - The one that is Thin

Classic thin flat plastic which is flexible for fine finishing (but not so flexible it breaks all the time)

INC-15 - The one that guides

This instrument is made to help guide posterior composites. One end helps set the height of the marginal ridge. The other measures 1.5 mm from the cusps to help guide when to move from horizontal layer to cusp layering.

INC-16 - The one that compacts

Double ended compacting instrument which is perfect for composite. One end is thinner than the other.

INC-17 - The one that is thick

A good quality 2mm flat plastic which is rigid and strong enough for all applications.

INC-18 - The one that finishes

A very high quality restorative scaler for removing flash and excess

INC-19 -The one that sculpts

A double headed instrument with fine tips perfect for composite sculpting

INC- 20 The one that reflects

Our fantastic mirror handle now available and fits all SS (simple stem mirrors)

INC-20P The one that reflects (purple)

also available in purple

INC-21- The one that cuts

This is a round handle that accepts all standard scalpel blades. A round scalpel holder allows precise angulation and control when completing tasks like removed excess composite or surgical applications. It’s a huge upgrade on a flat handle if you haven’t tried one!

INC-22 - The one that spoons

Classic spoon excavator just the right size for your spooning needs

INC-23- The one that trims

Classic Gingival margin trimmer angle 1: for lower right mesial cavities

INC-23B- The one that trims 2

Classic Gingival margin trimmer angle 2: for lower right distal cavities

INC-24- The one that carves

A classic carver is a staple in instrument kits for a reason. Beyond carving amalgam the sharp fine blade is useful for finishing cavities, removing excess and is normally our instrument of choice for retraction cord packing.

INC-25 - The one that chisels

Classic straight chisel for finishing buccal and lingual box angles

INC-26 - The one that probes

Perfect for examinations. One is is straight (and capable of endodontic scouting) and the other curved and excellent for rubber dam inversion.

INC-27 - Measures

One side is a classic BPE probe and the other a Williams probe for all your periodontal screening needs

INC-28- Tweezers

Classic tweezers made with a notch to sit perfectly in our instrument trays

INC-29- Probes margins

A classic briault probe essential for checking restoration margins

INC-30- Curettes

A classic curette for non surgical management of periodontal disease and also useful for removing flash and excess cement

INC-31 - Shapes

Rounded ends which are perfect for shaping composites both anterior and posterior

INC-32- Models

A thin but slightly wider flat plastic that sits between the ‘one that is thin’ and the ‘one that is thick

If you want to see a demonstration of the the new kit please click on the following link more guides and video will be added as soon as we are able.


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