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Recip-One BLUE file

Recip-One BLUE file

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Each pack contains 6, sterile files:

Recip-One BLUE files- R25

All files are heat treated and offer excellent flexibility and cyclic fatigue resistance.

The files are packed in foil blister packs.

Each file is individually labelled with useful details like the recommended operating speed and torque.

Because the files are individually labelled, files can be separated without losing important information.

See materials for further information regarding this file system.


Incidental Torna Rotary File Range

Simple, Safe and Cost-Effective

Torna is a new brand from one of the world’s largest file manufacturers.

Incidental teamed up with Torna to release what we believe is one of the most streamlined and useful endodontic file ranges on the planet.

All our files are heat treated for additional flexibility and safer progression and are also packaged sterile.

We even helped design the all new ‘Entrance File Pro Gold’ - we are super excited to finally get these files in your hands!


This file system is made for GDPs, but we hope will also be attractive to endodontic specialists.

The file system is designed to keep things simple, avoid waste and try to encourage the safe preparation of canals to a minimal taper.

The Sequence

1) Okay, so you’ve found your canals. The first step is to have a little scout down the canal with a pre-curved stainless steel K file (size 8 or 10 normally). The goal at this point is to try to get patency of the canal, but don’t rush to the end. If the file meets any resistance, just stop and back out. Then gently open the first few mm of the canal with the orifice opener. This will stop the scouting files from binding and reduce stress on the file seeking patency.

If your K files are really struggling to negotiate the canals then consider trying one of our ‘C Plus (C+)’ files. These files are designed to manage calcified and blocked canals. The tip and metal are more rigid, reducing deformation and increasing ability to navigate challenging clinical situations.

2) After the orifice is open, keep working the hand files down until you record patency (zero point on the apex locator). Pro tip - with some experience, you can even carefully use the Entrance file gold and Entrance file Pro to help achieve patency as the metals are such high quality.

3) Once you have achieved patency, record your working length (0.5mm short of the zero point on the apex locator). Take your Entrance file pro down to this working length. The Entrance Pro File file is designed to preferentially cut at the top of the file and this reduces stress at the lower portions of the file. This taper produces an easy transition to your final shaping file, reducing the risk of file fracture and other procedural errors.

If the Entrance File Pro #15 (VT) is struggling to reach working length, then try introducing the #13/02 Entrance File or sequentially open up where you can reach to with larger files to reduce binding.

4) Once you have the #15 VT Entrance File Pro File at working length, you are ready to shape your master file.

#20/04 is for narrow canals. #25/04 is for most canals. It is specifically aimed at dentists who like a continuous motion file and want to prepare files with a conservative taper. R25 Recip-One Blue is also for most canals. It is for dentists who prefer a reciprocating file and are happy to trade a slightly wider preparation for easier irrigation and obturation. These files are also excellent for re-treatment cases.

P.S. The #15 VT Entrance File Pro was specifically designed to match the diameter of the R25 and 25/04 files so that there is reduced coronal binding during master file shaping.

5) With your master file to length, you then need to select your GP point.

Dia-pro Iso Plus Gutta Percha .04 taper in sizes #20 or #25 will match our #20/04 and #25/04 respectively.

Reciproc Blue Gutta-Percha R25 points are the perfect match for the R25 Recip-One Blue file.

*Please note that GP points can be gauged using a gutta percha cutter or similar and this is usually appropriate if the GP is binding past the desired working length.

6) Finally, don’t forget about drying the canals. There is nothing better than a match paper point so check out the Reciproc Blue Paper Points R25 and Dia-Pro Iso Plus Paper Points .04 taper to make life super easy.

Frequently asked questions

1) Can you buy these files in 21,25 and 31mm?

Yes, they are all available in each size.

2) Are the files available separately?

The orifice opener, #15 VT Entrance File Pro, #20/04 and R25 Recip-One Blue file are available as singles.

3) Why are all the files not available as singles?

It’s really expensive to stock each range of files and we couldn’t afford this at launch. We also designed the starter kits specifically to help you get started. We think the #20/04 and #13/02 files really add something to the range, but they won’t be used in the majority of cases. We consider these auxiliary files to be the core system. The plan is that dentists will start using our files by buying a few packs of the starter kits in different lengths. That means you can very quickly and economically have the whole range of files, then buy the single files, you prefer, in a more economical way.

Having said all that, we will try to stock singles of all files, if possible, in the fullness of time.

4) I currently use a single file reciprocating system. Can we use the Recip-One Blue file as an alternative?

Absolutely - the Recip-One Blue is actually designed to be used as a single reciprocating file system. You are very welcome to use is as an alternative to the popular single file brands. We would encourage the addition of the #15 VT Entrance File Pro File before you use the R25 Recip-One Blue file as we think a machined glide path will go a long way to helping you get better outcomes. Our wider hope is that our competitive pricing makes it possible for all GDPs to use a high-quality rotary file system and have a selection of files to easily tackle most routine cases they encounter.

5) Your prices are cheap - I’m worried the files will break.

We appreciate the concern, but the files are wonderful. Metallurgy in files has got so much better over the past 5 years and the gap between the major brands and other suppliers has reduced considerably. The Torna brand comes out of one of the largest file factories in the world with a wealth of experience making endodontic files.

All the files we retail are heat treated and amazingly resilient. Of course, there is an argument that one heat treated file can be better than another but it’s hard not to agree that all heat-treated files on sale currently are better than even the major brands were 10-15 years ago.

Our prices are also low because of our ethos which is to ‘make quality dentistry accessible to all’ and we firmly believe it’s absolutely imperative that all dentists should have easy access to quality rotary endodontic files. Finally, we have tested these files for almost a year, and we have a great group of GDPs and specialists who have helped us put this range together. We hope you will consider giving them a try!

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