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E-Connect S (Endodontic motor with built in apex locator)

E-Connect S (Endodontic motor with built in apex locator)

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The E-Connect S is a one stop solution for endodontic needs.

It is the top of the range Eighteeth product and has some nice additional features:

  • The micromotor is brushless which should increase service life

  • The motor has an ATC mode. If you are using a rotary file (not reciprocating) in this mode and the file reaches the set torque setting for the file the file we switch to reciprocating mode until the torque reduces again. This mode is designed to make preparation more efficient.

As with all Eighteeth motors the unit performs well and is compatible with all major file types (reciprocating & rotary files).

The E-Connect S also comes with a huge list of pre-set modes of functions and a very neat interface.

The unit can be used as a stand alone apex locator and when connected to a patient offers integrated apex locator features like like ‘Automatic start’, ‘Apical reverse’ and ‘Apical slow down.’

On the other hand the apex locator screen is by necessity quite small so if you like a bigger screen then consider the E-Connect model. If you don’t require the additional integrated apex locator features then we would consider the E-xtreme model as it is quite a lot lighter.

This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty**

**Please note at Incidental Ltd we take seriously your rights for repair and we have built a repair centre to support our products. While all manufacturers will offer a guarantee this can be time consuming to claim and the cost and customs implications of shipping to and from overseas manufacturers can be difficult. Where possible we will offer to repair our products locally to save time and reduce the environmental impact. Please note this repair service is available exclusively for products purchased through Incidental Ltd**



Brushless micromotor

Cordless handle

Reciprocating mode with adjustable speed and adjustable angles from 30° to 370°

Continuous Rotation – Speed 120 to 1000 rpm

Pre-settings of almost all file systems, both rotary and reciprocating. Can be customised by the user

Built-in Apex Locator: integrate with motor function or use as standalone apex locator

Torque Calibration

Ambidextrous Display - Screen can be rotated for left or right-hand use

Special features:

ATC: Adaptive Torque Control

Auto Start and Stop - Motor starts moving when the file enters inside the root canal, and stops when withdrawn

Apical Reverse: When the file reaches pre-set apical reverse point, user can define whether the file starts moving in reverse direction

Apical Slow Down: to preserve the cemento-dentinal junction and avoid file separation, speed of motor slows down when the file is in apical region

OLED screen

Powerful Li-ion battery


• Adaptor working voltage: AC100-240v, 50/60Hz

• Rotational speed range: 120 to 1000 rpm

• Torque range: 0.5-4.0 Ncm

• Memory programmes: 11

• Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

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