Tor VM Saddle Bands: The Not So Hidden Gem - Incidental

Tor VM Saddle Bands: The Not So Hidden Gem

Tor VM saddle matrices: What are they good for?

Have a look at our demonstration video to see how saddle matrix bands can make restoring teeth without an adjacent tooth to pack against easy.

The technique is especially helpful for distal cavities on terminal molars.

The saddle bands are also a lot taller and more curved than the classic Tor VM sectional bands so try swapping them in when you have deep cavities or a bigger gap to the next tooth.

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Top Tip

Sometimes the matrix will open at the cervical margin (especially on deeper cavities). To overcome this try sliding a sectional band inside the saddle and packing PTFE tape to stabilise the matrix seal.

Clinical images of saddle bands in action kindly provided by  Alan Burgin 

Case report: Managing the distal surface of a terminal tooth

Click button below to access the full case report on managing the distal surface of a terminal molar using a Tor VM saddle matrix by the super talented Ferdi Chum.

This PDF was produced in associated with Kaizen Dental. Check out their website for more ‘free, digestible clinical tips straight to your inbox.’

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