Microblaster with water shroud - Incidental

Microblaster with water shroud

We have wanted to provide a good (low cost) micro blaster with a water shroud for a long time.

The water shroud really helps to reduce mess during use and makes this unit stand out from the crowd.

There are so many microblasters on the market and we have spent the last 2 years testing various styles of microblasters and this is the one we ended up feeling we could recommend.

The sandblaster connects directly to a M4 or M6 hose. This makes it more universally available but may mean you have to swap out your high speed coupling to use the microblaster.

We have used these devices successfully with 50 and 27 micron aluminium oxide, Cojet sand and even sodium bicarbonate for polishing.

The sandblasters have lasted well and don’t block as easily as other devices. The unit comes with 2 nozzles and these can be autoclaved between uses.

In the below video, Chris demonstrates how to set up and use the unit.


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