Learn About Tor VM Anterior Proximal Strips - Incidental

Learn About Tor VM Anterior Proximal Strips

Tor VM bespoke anterior matrix bands

Please have a look at the full updated range of Tor VM anterior bands now on sale.

We absolutely love the Tor VM anterior proximal strips (shovels) as they stabilise so well when the handle is pressed away from the cavity and the band is perfectly shaped to curve your incisor but not round off the Incisal edge.

The twin anterior matrix bands are also a winner and Tor have added a second pattern so you have even more options for you composite veneers. The brilliant thing about these bands is they seal the cervical area of the tooth as well as the proximal!!!

 Want to give them all a try? We now do a lovely 30pcs mix pack with a few of each band.

 All bands are 50 micron thick and made with the always awesome Tor VM hardened steel.

These bands used to be a hidden gem but now are selling out fast!
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