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A perfect range of rubber dam clamps for every occasion

Here at InciDental Ltd we are avid rubber dam users. We have been teaching dental professions how to place rubber dam for 8 years and have been trying to help make the process as easy as possible. Experience tells us that using the right clamp in the right place makes all the difference. I’m often asked on courses which rubber dam clamps to buy. A tricky question; too many clamps and selection becomes overwhelming and expensive, too few and your isolation technique becomes limited.

We stock what we believe are the most useful 13 standard clamps on the market (and the number 9 which people seem to love for some reason). Made with top quality Russian stainless steel, these clamps are all you need to get started on your rubber dam journey or up your isolation game.

Also, if you haven’t already, can I strongly recommend you invest in a set of Brinker clamps. These subgingival clamps really increase the range of what you can isolate easily.

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