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Black Clamps (Individual)

Black Clamps (Individual)

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Our wingless collection comprises:

Nº B1 - Brinker clamp for lower molars

Nº B2 - Brinker clamp for upper molars (left side)

Nº B3 - Brinker clamp for upper molars (right side)

Nº B5 - Brinker butterfly clamp with narrow jaws (for V class restorations)

W2- Wingless premolar clamp

Nº W56 - wingless clamp with rigid angular jaws for large lower molars

W7- Popular wingless clamp for larger molar teeth

Our winged ranges comprises:

Nº 12A - tiger clamp with serrated beak (left-sided), for second and third upper molars

Nº 13A - tiger clamp with serrated beak (right-sided), for second and third upper molars

Nº 9 - winged butterfly clamp for anteriors.

Nº 2 - winged clamp with flat horizontal jaws for small premolars

Nº 00 - For upper and lower premolars and lower canines

8A- Winged clamp for smaller molar teeth

When operating with clamp:
1) open the clamp for necessary width outside the mouth before placing it on a tooth;
2) avoid high-speed opening;
3) open the clamp for width not more than 1,5 mm exceeding tooth width
(undue force may cause clamp premature failure because of metal fatigue);
4) fix the clamp with floss to avoid clamp swallowing.

1) Submerge instruments in cleaning agent solution with neutral pH for 20 min;
2) Rinse the instruments thoroughly with purified water for 3-5 min;
3) Perform standard moist heat / steam sterilization procedure following the sterilizer instructions.

1) Do not use cleaning agents with high percentage of chlorine and cleaners containing oxalic acid;
2) Do not keep instruments in liquid medium for more than 3 hours.


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